I feel so much better... I sleep better, I’m not snoring, and I have more energy. I’m at amazed at my results and what the doctors at Pulmonary Associates of Brandon have done for me.
— Gary S. (Riverivew)
My doctor sent me to Dr Hooker when he found a growth on my lung. Dr Hooker did a biopsy and unfortunately, it was cancer. I was scared to death but Dr Hooker was great leading me through the process. I had surgery to remove the cancer and am now cured. He and his staff are THE BEST!

— Vitals Patient

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Dr. Gomez is very thorough. You sense he really is interested in helping you. Kind, answers your questions, very personable.
— Geralld Crabb, Sr., Apollo Beach, FL
Dr Hooker is the first doctor in years that I feel really listens to my concerns. He sits down to find out about me, as a person, not as a disease. He is a truly caring physician and I would recommend him to anyone needing a lung specialist.
— Tampa Patient
Dr Shah is a kind considerate doctor. He pulled me through bad pneumonia just this week. I found his bedside manner great he explained things and could tell wen I didn’t and made sure I did. I like him and feel he is on the cutting edge of sarcoidosis treatment and feel it is in my best interest to leave my current pulmy of 10 yrs to change as he only works one day a week and retirement is real soon as well.
— Jewel Bartle, Riverview Florida
I have sleep apnea. I was being treated by another local Doctor. I had trouble using the CPAK machine and the other doctor told me there was nothing further he could do. Dr Hooker spent more time with me on my 1st visit with him than my other doctor did total in 5 years. He was able to refer me to a dentist who made a mouth retainer that has been a lifesaver for me . I would recommend Dr Hooker and his staff to all my friends and family. Thank you!
— Tampa Patient
Dr Hooker was kind, thoughtful and helped me devise a plan to be proactive with my asthma instead of reactive. During my appointment he took time to understand my problem. My follow up appointment, at a key time frame Dr Hooker identified, proved my asthma begins much earlier than I recognized. Dr Hooker’s professional advice is helping me breathe easier this season, I’d say that’s worth 5 Stars.
— Breathing in Winter, Tampa Patient
I was referred to Dr hooker by my neighbor. I moved to Tampa from NYC where I was cared for by another pulmonary specialist. Dr hooker was so much more compassionate and thorough compared to my previous doctor. what a pleasant surprise!

— Vitals Patient, NYC to Tampa