5 Things We Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

5 Things We Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving, sleep disorder center, pulmonary research, holiday

Thanksgiving is a unique holiday for Pulmonary Associates of Brandon, one that gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation to all the people who have walked through our doors over the years, and the many factors that contribute to the overall well-being and success of our patients and the healthcare industry as a whole. While we’re thankful for a lot of things every single day of our lives, today we would like to share 5 special things we are particularly thankful for this Thanksgiving:

We are grateful for our precious patients who entrust their health to us.

Our dear patients, we are truly thankful for having you in our lives! Our first and foremost goal is to make you happy and healthy - you are our friends, teachers, and the main motivation to grow personally and professionally every day. It warms our hearts to read your reviews and realize that we were granted an exceptional chance to impact someone’s life, and another patient was able to fight a lung cancer or any other life-threatening condition. We truly hope that you will never experience any health issues, but if you ever need help, we are here to provide pulmonary and sleep care you will love. Our hearts chose to serve you and we will stand by our pledges in any circumstances.

We are thankful for our brilliant Pulmonary Associates of Brandon team.

Did you know that every Pulmonary Associates of Brandon team member is unique in his/her own ways? Our team is full of compassionate and clever people who always strive for success and go out of their way to help each and every single person that walks through our doors. It’s a pleasure to work with a healthcare team that supports each other and shares common values. Wondering what makes our practice so special? The answer is obvious: our staff and physicians that absolutely love what they do!

We are thankful for the research opportunities that advance healthcare worldwide.

Pulmonary Associates of Brandon Clinical Research is a multi-specialty research center dedicated to offering our patients the highest quality of care, cutting-edge technology, and research trials that make a positive difference. This Thanksgiving we’re thankful for the opportunity to conduct research studies because FDA approved research is a crucial part of discovering new treatments and devices for existing medical conditions worldwide. So far, our center has participated in more than 125 clinical trials in the areas of COPD, Asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diabetic Painful Neuropathy, Sleep Apnea, and much more. Our research findings have helped hundreds of patients to receive advanced treatment that was never used before and opened the door to new treatment methods worldwide.

We are grateful for our sleep disorder center that helps dozens of patients every day.

For millions of Americans, getting a good night’s sleep and waking up rested can be quite difficult. Did you know that more than 100 million Americans of all ages regularly fail to get a good night’s sleep? That’s why we are grateful for an exceptional opportunity to help our patients explore the underlying causes of their sleep problems and find the most effective ways to treat them. We understand the importance of a proper sleep and are honored to help our patients improve their quality of life by conducting sleep studies in our sleep disorder center.

 We are thankful for our families who always support us along the way.

And, of course, how could we forget about our families who always support us in any challenges, the ones who always wait for us to return home from long, and, sometimes, overnight shifts? Any healthcare profession is highly stressful, physically and mentally, and we are extremely thankful for the care and compassion our families grant us. Each moment spent with our loved ones is genuinely unique and makes us realize how fortunate we are.

This Thanksgiving we will gather for a regular holiday celebration, but our prayers and blessings will be truly unique. We will be grateful for each and every patient who we had an honor to serve, every team member we are so lucky to work with, and every family member we love with all our hearts. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?