Asthma And Allergy Awareness Month: Here’s What You Can Do To Help

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May is Asthma And Allergy Awareness Month, which means that it’s also peak season for pollen and other allergens. This isn’t exactly the best time for people with asthma or allergies, and it’s likely that many will “celebrate” by staying indoors.

Asthma and allergies are a lot more serious than people like to admit — although, of course, those who suffer from it know. In fact, about 10 people die from asthma every day, while over 24.5 million Americans are affected by it; 6 million of them are children under 18.

As a clinic that serves patients with pulmonary conditions, we’d like to take some time to share how this Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month we can all do a bit to help spread awareness and expand the campaign against asthma and allergies. Here are 3 ways we think you could help.

Speak Up On Social Media

Raising awareness can sometimes be difficult, but don’t worry, we’re not leaving you on your own here. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America does a lot every May to help the public speak up on issues affecting people with asthma and allergies.

One easy way to speak up on social media is by downloading and posting their shareable awareness images to your favorite social media platform. These images carry messages like, “Asthma causes 2 million emergency room visits each year,” and also include definitions, quick facts, infographics, Twitter and Facebook covers and awareness ribbons that you can use as profile photos. To see these, click here.

Take Action In The Community

If you really want to take charge this May, make sure to get involved. Not sure what you can do? Here’s a few ideas.

  1. Take an interest survey: The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America offers these interest surveys to anyone interested in volunteering. Based on your answers, the foundation will pair you with a task suited to you. These could include: becoming an advisor on a research project, reviewing content, pilot testing research, or participating in a research study.

  2. Follow a blog: As pulmonary specialists, we make sure to keep a full blog on all things pulmonary, including plenty of articles on asthma and allergy. If you’re looking for a bit more, you can also check out the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America blog for some great asthma and allergy-related topics.

  3. Share Your Story: Do you have asthma or allergies? If so, it may be helpful to others if you share your experience with the condition on social media. If you want to pair it with an image, you can download one of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America shareable awareness images.

  4. Donate: By donating you help further the research being done on asthma and allergies. Donating is a great way to help when you’re caught on time or simply wish to do your part. You can donate on behalf of someone you love who has asthma or allergies.

Organize A Fundraiser

Are you the kind of person who loves to organize events? If so, then fundraising may be the best way for you to help during this Asthma And Allergy Awareness Month. Whether it’s a lemonade stand, a dedicated 5K, or a birthday wish fundraiser, there’s plenty of effective ways out there that you could use to help raise money. One simple way is by downloading the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America free fundraising toolkit. The toolkit will help you gather support from family, friends, and neighbors who want to help.

There’s a lot you can do this May to help spread awareness about the harmful effects of asthma and allergies. The two conditions are so common that it’s easy to see them as minor conditions that are more like inconveniences than actual life-threatening conditions. Do your part this Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month by speaking up, taking action, and/or organizing a fundraiser. What you do to help goes a long way!