Sleep Talking: Why It Happens And How It Can Impact You

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What Is Somniloquy?

Sleep talking, or somniloquy, is a kind of parasomnia in which a person will talk during their sleep without being aware that they are talking. The phenomenon is considered a sleep disorder, as it sometimes can affect the quality of a person’s sleep, and is otherwise outside normal sleep patterns and behaviors.

For the most part, many people who sleep talk only realize they do because someone else has told them, and they are for the most part unaffected by the condition. That is why, generally, sleep talking is considered harmless. Despite this, there are some cases of sleep talking in which medical attention may be advisable.

Why Do People Talk In Their Sleep

There isn’t one single cause for why people talk in their sleep, rather there are many underlying factors that can vary with each individual case. That is why if a person is suffering from sleep talking, it is necessary to undergo a sleep study in order to identify their specific causes or influencing factors.

Sleep Talking: When To See A Sleep Specialist

If you or someone you know is a sleep talker, there may be several reasons why seeking a sleep specialist may be beneficial.

  • If your sleep talking is preventing you from getting proper rest

  • If you spend the night talking and wake up tired

  • If your partner is losing sleep because of your sleep talking

  • If your sleep talking is accompanied by night terrors or nightmares

  • If you suddenly begin sleep talking after the age of 25

People who suddenly begin sleep talking after adulthood may actually be suffering from an underlying condition, such as a more serious sleep disorder like sleepwalking or sleep apnea, or a psychiatric disorder.

More Information

Sleep talking is harmless most of the time, but it can always be inconvenient — if not to you, then to your sleeping partner. If you would like to seek treatment for stop sleep talking, or to ensure your sleep talking is not a sign of an underlying condition, schedule a sleep study at our sleep study clinic today!